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Hello, My Name is Bunny! was a New York City Big Book Award winner in 2018

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2018: Hello, My Name is Bunny! won a New York City Big Book Award,

2019: Hello, My Name is Bunny! London was named a Distinguished Favorite in the Independent Press Awards.

2019: Hello, My Name is Bunny! wins Gold in the Juvenile Fiction/Early Chapter Book Category in the Moonbeam Children’s Awards

Review highlights

This beautifully illustrated and equally beautifully written story will charm children and adults alike. I was pulled into the story from the very first page. As was the case with the first book, the antics of Bunny and her friends had me smiling throughout.

Ingrid king, the conscious cat

After finishing this book, I was immediately consumed with jealousy. Bunny had so many fun-sounding adventures, and now I have, like, 50 things on my cat bucket list.

Thomas, that cat blog

We’re in love! Wonderful book, amazing art, beautiful story. We love you, Bunny! Highly recommend and we’ll be telling our friends about you.

Vanille (etsy review)

A wonderful story! Would definitely recommend to cat lovers of any age.

Holly (etsy review)

I loved your book! It’s totally adorable, and working in animal rescue (and being a social worker), I really appreciated its many lessons. I think it’s so important to teach kids kindness, compassion, empathy, and regard for all beings starting at a very young age. Your book does that in the sweetest, most enjoyable way.

Jernee (facebook)

If you would like to read an adorable story about a rescue cat that tries to save a carriage horse (based on a real-life rescue kitty, Bunny Bloom), you have to check out this lovely book!

for animals inc. (facebook)


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