Pet insurance and what you need to know

When you adopt a young, healthy animal, it’s tempting to skip getting pet insurance. It’s an added expense and you might wonder if it’s really worth it. The reality is something unexpected can always happen, even with the healthiest animal.

My Story

One day, about a year after my adoption, I suddenly lost my appetite and I stopped eating and drinking. So, my folks and I went to the local vets where they ran a series of tests and gave me a steroid injection to stimulate my appetite. The tests came back clear, but I still wasn’t eating without the steroids, and I had to keep returning. A distressing time for me and my folks, to say the least. More tests were conducted, and about four weeks later, they referred me to a truly pawsome veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. I had every test, including a spinal tap, an MRI, and all sorts of blood work. It was eventually determined that I had Irritable Bowel Disease. And so, the experts advised my folks to find the right type of food for me to counteract it.

Getting to the root of the problem

Once we identified food that didn’t irritate my stomach, along with a daily dose of probiotics, I was on the road to recovery! I was lucky, and my folks were mightily relieved and glad they’d invested in pet insurance. Because the costs incurred by my Irritable Bowel Disease had run into the thousands. Luckily, my policy covered about 80%. My folks would surely have done everything to help me, even without insurance, but the point is that nobody wants to be faced with unnecessary stress and tough decisions.

A guide to pet insurance

Our furriends at AllAboutCats have just published a must-read report about the wide variety of pet insurance options available in North America. It’s a great guide that will help owners weigh their choices effectively. And you can read it here. For the latest recommendations you might find this great article in MarketWatch helpful.

And me? Well, these days I have a pawsome appetite, and I’m actually a whole pound and a half heavier than before my illness! Like I say every day, I’m living the kitty dream.

Love and Purrs, Bunny and Team XO

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