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Five fun facts about Hello, My Name is Bunny!

Living the kitty dream

When I was adopted in 2014, I had no idea I was going to be living the kitty dream! A nice comfy apartment. Food. Treats. Toys. Snuggles on demand. What more could a cat want? Having such good fortune led me and my folks to think about how we would pay it forward. And so, the idea for Hello, My Name is Bunny! was born. We donate $5 from every book sold to KittyKind. Our dream is to raise awareness and money for KittyKind, and eventually other rescue groups to help bring an end to cat homelessness and suffering! We know it’s going to take a while, but we’re in it for the long haul. We hope you’ll join us! 

Here’s some things you might not know about me

1. While my story is fictional, some of the characters’ names are based on friends and family. Mike the Mouse is named after my mom’s brother Michael; Joan and Bob are my dad’s real mom and dad’s names; and Polly the Pigeon was named after my mom’s beloved first cat she owned when she left home (I’m not jealous!).

2. Hello, My Name is Bunny! was originally going to be a series of short stories of my adventures, but we had so much fun writing the first story that it turned into a full-length chapter book

3. Adults seem to love Hello, My Name is Bunny! as much as children do. Check out our five-star ratings on Etsy to see what we mean!

4. Joe the Carriage Horse became the star of the story because the carriage horses who carry tourists through the busy streets of Manhattan make my folks very sad. They would love to see the horses retired to the countryside and replaced by electric buggies or souped-up pedicabs. 

5. Hello, My Name is Bunny! is the first in a series of books featuring me! Watch this space for news of the second book launching in January! 

Thanks to everyone who has supported our project! Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our emails, share our story, if you haven’t already, to help us help the kitties!

Love and Purrs, Bunny and Team XO

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I’m a New York City Big Book Award-winner

Exciting news

I’m thrilled to share that Hello, My Name is Bunny! has just won a 2018 New York City Big Book Award for best book in the Animal category! The judges chose my book from more than 600 entries, which makes me doubly proud of the honor.

Thanks to all our supporters

In the year since we launched Hello, My Name is Bunny!, we have received such positive feedback on the book, and also on our goal to raise funds for KittyKind in NYC, that we now have more products to offer, all with a donation to KittyKind or other shelters. Take a look here to discover more.  

With gratitude

Thanks to everyone who has bought our book or other items. If you have a cat-loving furriend or child in your life who you think would enjoy our story, please share the news with them. You’ll be helping us spread the word and helping us help KittyKind!

Love and Purrs,  Bunny and Team XO