Creating a children’s book series to inspire kindness

When we first adopted Bunny, we were struck by her unbelievably sweet nature. She’d greet us every time we walked in the door. She’d greet our guests just as warmly. We used to say: “It’s like she’s saying “Hello, my name is Bunny!”

So, it’s no surprise that when we decided to create a children’s illustrated chapter book series, Hello, My Name is Bunny! became the series’ title.

Initially, we imagined creating just one book that would both entertain children and raise some money for KittyKind, the shelter we adopted Bunny from in Petco, Union Square, NYC.  However, with encouragement from friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram, we decided to create a series of adventures in which Bunny would travel to some of the most amazing cities in the world, courtesy of her human dad in the stories, who is a U.S. diplomat.

With three books in the series respectively set in New York City, London, and Paris (and another in the pipeline) we’re excited to share this new set with everyone! Conscious that affordability is essential these days, we switched from producing hard cover books to soft cover, which has allowed us to lower the price of each book to $13.99. We hope this enables us to sell many more copies to raise funds for KittyKind!

The COVID-19 pandemic ground our project to a halt for nearly two years. But, just like Bunny, we are never deterred and always tenacious! That’s why we’re so thrilled to FINALLY be sharing Hello, My Name is Bunny! Paris with you. It’s been a labor of love that was worth every ounce of effort. (Fun fact: the first notes we wrote together on the idea of a Bunny book series were crafted in a café outside the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, so one book eventually had to be dedicated to the city that inspired us so much!)

We hope you’ll read, enjoy, and collect our books. You can help us help inspire kids towards kindness. You can also help us raise money for an amazing shelter group that works so hard to find loving furever homes for homeless cats. We hope our books will one day support many more shelter and rescue groups!

We invite you to start your Hello, My Name is Bunny! book set collection here.

Matt Bloom and Shelley Simmons-Bloom

Welcome to the world of Hello Bunny Bloom.

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