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Teaching kids kindness one book at a time

Chapter book series

My mom grew up with a cat and a dog named T.C. and Sandy (guess who was who?) Growing up with these two fur siblings instilled in her a sense of respect, love, and responsibility for them from a very early age. Ever since, animals have always been in her life. My dad didn’t grow up with animals at all really, but when my folks adopted me, I stole his heart, and he’s never been the same since! My adoption got them thinking, what if every child grew up with an animal, or had the opportunity to connect with animals? Would it make them kinder? More empathetic?

Teaching children kindness
Learning kindness at an early age can help children become more compassionate adults as they grow

Many studies prove this to be the case, and it would serve our society well to actively help turn children into animal lovers and advocates.

Three simple steps to inspire kindness

Here’s three simple steps to create the next generation of animal lovers:

  1. Visit a local shelter with your children, or those close to you (checking with the shelter in advance). Be sure to help them understand why the animals are there. If you decide to introduce an animal into your life, please be sure to adopt rather than buy from a pet store. There are millions of homeless animals in shelters across the country, waiting for their forever homes.
  2. If you already have a family fur member, then give the children some responsibility for looking after them. Perhaps they get to feed them in the mornings or evenings. Or maybe they are responsible for some gentle play time each day. Children should always know they need to respect animals. For example, if an animal is sleeping or wants to be left alone, they shouldn’t be interrupted.
  3. Introduce children to books and movies that present learning opportunities while ensuring entertainment value. Our purpose in launching the Hello, My Name is Bunny! book series is to help kids understand the power and value of kindness, and how they can practice it every day to help make the world a better place.
Hello, My Name is Bunny! gift set featuring the first two books in this charming children's chapter book series
$5 from every book sold is donated to KittyKind and other rescue groups to help cats in need

Not every child is naturally empathetic towards animals. That’s why these simple steps really can help them see the world in a different light. Who knows, they may become the Jackson Galaxy or Kitten Lady of the future!

Love and Purrs, Bunny and Team XO

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Five fun facts about Hello, My Name is Bunny!

Living the kitty dream

When I was adopted in 2014, I had no idea I was going to be living the kitty dream! A nice comfy apartment. Food. Treats. Toys. Snuggles on demand. What more could a cat want? Having such good fortune led me and my folks to think about how we would pay it forward. And so, the idea for Hello, My Name is Bunny! was born. We donate $5 from every book sold to KittyKind. Our dream is to raise awareness and money for KittyKind, and eventually other rescue groups to help bring an end to cat homelessness and suffering! We know it’s going to take a while, but we’re in it for the long haul. We hope you’ll join us! 

Here’s some things you might not know about me

1. While my story is fictional, some of the characters’ names are based on friends and family. Mike the Mouse is named after my mom’s brother Michael; Joan and Bob are my dad’s real mom and dad’s names; and Polly the Pigeon was named after my mom’s beloved first cat she owned when she left home (I’m not jealous!).

2. Hello, My Name is Bunny! was originally going to be a series of short stories of my adventures, but we had so much fun writing the first story that it turned into a full-length chapter book

3. Adults seem to love Hello, My Name is Bunny! as much as children do. Check out our five-star ratings on Etsy to see what we mean!

4. Joe the Carriage Horse became the star of the story because the carriage horses who carry tourists through the busy streets of Manhattan make my folks very sad. They would love to see the horses retired to the countryside and replaced by electric buggies or souped-up pedicabs. 

5. Hello, My Name is Bunny! is the first in a series of books featuring me! Watch this space for news of the second book launching in January! 

Thanks to everyone who has supported our project! Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our emails, share our story, if you haven’t already, to help us help the kitties!

Love and Purrs, Bunny and Team XO