Happy to be back!

After a more than two-year+ hiatus (thanks COVID-19!), we’re finally back! And we’re so happy to be here.

What a journey it’s been! In early 2020, we (Matt and Shelley) signed a deal with a publisher who planned to release our first two books in the Hello, My Name is Bunny! series—New York City and London—and the new third book called Hello, My Name is Bunny! Paris. The goal was to publish by spring 2020. Then—as we are all too aware— the world changed forever. COVID-19 created a level of chaos and devastation none of us had ever experienced. We’re grateful to have weathered the storm and to have emerged on the other side pretty much unscathed. We thought of our friends in the cat community every day and wished them well.

Two years later, in early 2022, our books remained unpublished. Sadly, small publishers across the world have found themselves in unknown territory, paper supplies are hard to come by; the cost of publishing has risen dramatically, and booksellers are suffering.

So, a few months ago we made a major decision. To publish the books ourselves.  We’re grateful that the publisher had faith in our books, and there are no hard feelings, but we are on a mission that can’t wait. We want to help children understand the power of kindness and empathy and to raise money for the shelters and groups that rescue homeless cats.

And so, later in October 2022 (date TBD), our books will finally be back and Hello, My Name is Bunny! Paris will be released! A few things have changed. Knowing that the cost of living has risen for so many, we decided to publish in soft cover so that we could reduce the price of our books to $13.99 each. They’re still incredibly beautiful and giftable (thanks to our wonderful illustrator, Pippa Mayell) , but a little more affordable.

Our donation is shifting from $5 per hard cover book to $2 per soft cover book for KittyKind and other shelters in NY state. Believe it or not this is a good thing! We hope that the new editions available at a lower price point will mean we’ll sell many more copies. More copies sold means more money raised, and that is always our goal. And this way, we can cover our costs and still donate.

If you haven’t signed up for our emails yet, please do. You’ll be the first to hear when our books launch as well as the first to enjoy a special offer!

Thanks for being a furriend!

Love and Purrs,
Bunny and Team XO

Welcome to the world of Hello Bunny Bloom.

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