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Kitten season: It’s that time of the year again!

Shelter and rescue groups across the U.S. are dealing with an overwhelming number of kittens in all shapes, sizes, and colors at the moment. While we all agree there’s nothing more adorable than a kitten, we all know life could be kinder and better for cats and kittens everywhere if people are more responsible about ensuring their cats are spayed and neutered. A kitten can be spayed or neutered as early as four months, and a six-month kitten can become pregnant, so it’s essential to act as soon as the time is right. Your vet will know best.

We can all help spread the word.  When a friend tells you that they think it’s cruel to deprive a cat of having babies, here’s what you can say to help them make the right decision.

Some helpful tips

  • Female cats don’t need to experience motherhood. The more kittens there are, the harder it is for shelters to find homes for them, while also continuing to support adult cats.
  • Pets who are spayed or neutered can live longer since the procedures can prevent life-threatening diseases that might shorten your cat’s lifespan. For example, states that “intact cats have seven times the risk of developing breast cancer when they get older, compared with the risk for spayed cats. Spaying/neutering also prevents testicular tumors and uterine cancer and uterine infections.”
  • If cost is an issue, there are many low-cost clinics supported by organizations like the ASPCA that can provide affordable services. Click on the link for clinics across the country.

The bottom line is cats should be spayed or neutered even if the owner believes they will never be around other cats.

Help your local shelter

In the meantime, our shelters and rescue groups are struggling to feed all those hungry little mouths. If you’d like to help, our friends at KittyKind have an Amazon wishlist here. We’re sure your local shelter group will have the same. Any donation, no matter how small, helps. So, why not take a look on their website or social media pages and see how you can do your bit to help them through this tough period.

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