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Fiction that stays with you fur-ever!

Do you remember the first chapter book that made an impression on you?

A customer recently shared that her fourth grade-aged son was so taken with Hello, My Name is Bunny! New York City that he chose to write an essay about it in class. He loves Bunny’s adventures and that she’s always trying to help those in trouble. He also loves that the real-life Bunny was saved by KittyKind, just like his cats were!

In a nutshell, that’s the power of storytelling; particularly for children, and especially during the crucial elementary school years. It creates learning through entertainment and inspiration through memorable adventures.

It’s often said that fiction is inspired by real life. Well, in our case, that’s completely true. When we adopted Bunny, it immediately became clear to us how sweet, friendly, and even a caring cat she is. How can a cat be caring you might ask? Well, we soon discovered that if either of us feels ill, Bunny checks in on us regularly to make sure we’re ok, offering a few headbutts and wet nose kisses along the way!

For all the reasons above, it wasn’t long after we adopted Bunny that we began to imagine the kind of adventures she would get into to help others in need. We felt sure she would want to pay forward her good fortune for being adopted, and that inspired us to do the same. That’s why we donate to KittyKind for every book we sell ($2 from softcovers and $5 from hardcovers).

When you learn that some of the most beloved children’s chapter book series sell millions of copies, you can start to imagine the size of the impact we could have! Just think about the power of a children’s chapter book series enjoyed by every elementary school reader that can also raise funds to help homeless animals. We do, every day!

If you’ve bought our books, we’d love you to help us spread the word to others. The most amazing way to do this is leave a review on our product pages. Just click on the book or books you bought and hit the “Review” button. Word of mouth is more powerful than all the advertising in the world! If you have friends with children who are animal lovers, or have friends who are animal lovers, please let them know about our books.

We want to do more than help shelters get cats adopted—although of course that’s critical—we want to educate future generations to help stop the suffering of homeless animals in the first place. We know it’s a lofty ambition, but shouldn’t we always shoot for the stars?

To learn more about our story read here.

Team Bunny XO

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